RGBA to HSV Converter

HSV Color:


  1. This HTML and JavaScript code creates a web page with an input field for entering an RGBA color, a "Convert" button, and a div to display the resulting HSV color.
  2. The convertToHsv function is called when the "Convert" button is clicked. It performs the RGBA to HSV conversion and updates the result in the hsvResult div.
  3. Inside the convertToHsv function, we parse the RGBA color string using a regular expression to extract the numeric values of red (R), green (G), blue (B), and alpha (A).
  4. If the input is valid and contains four parts (R, G, B, and A), it converts the R, G, and B values from the range [0, 255] to the range [0, 1]. Then, it calculates the Hue (H), Saturation (S), and Value (V) components of the HSV color model.
  5. The calculated HSV values are rounded and displayed in the hsvResult div, along with the alpha (A) value.

You can copy and paste this code into an HTML file and open it in your web browser to use the RGBA to HSV converter.